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27.02.2013 Article

A few quotes posted on our website -

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! by joss - written 31/10/2012 20:02:51 Loving the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang arrangement Mel!!!! It went down amazingly well with my Parmiter's Flute Choir, the kids loved the music and so do I.  You should have seen their faces as I pulled out all the various percussion instruments from my bag too, I felt like Santa Claus. It really gets you going with the feel good factor and you can't but help sing it when you're packing away the stands and flutes afterwards, I can't wait to get the Brent Flute Choir playing it.  A brilliantly witty and skillful arrangement as always Mel, whatever did we do before you came along?!!! Thank you once more for brightening my teaching day :) xx

Anna's ace Carmen arrangements by Jenny Lowe - written 05/09/2010 04:55:37 To members of the double reed world:
Anna responded to my plea for some music for my school double reed ensemble for 2/3 oboes of vaying standards and two bassoons by offering me three Carmen 'movements' which make a wonderful mini-suite. My kids range from 4th to 7th grade and the parts offer just the right level of challenge and interest to all the players. The bassoonists particularly love them because they get a go at the tune! They are very appealing to listen to, and the boys performed them on tour on the Great Wall of China! Thanks so much Anna!

Flutes by Louise Williams - written 13/10/2010 22:31:45 We are LOVING the Facade suite and the pieces from the Wizard of Oz.. . . Popular Song is a real challenge for my group Flute Salad and we're loving it! Hope to be performing it in Cardiff next Summer . . .

Fun and challenging arrangements we want to play! by Flute Salad - written 13/10/2010 22:33:43 Hya - Flute Salad are LOVING the arrangement of 'Over the Rainbow' and 'Popular Song' It's challenging music, yet we still giggle and work our way through it on a Saturday morning....more more more more more!


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